5 Days, 5 Roles, 5 Briefs … A week with Omnia.

We had the pleasure of welcoming Francesca Boni to the team for a week of work experience.

A student at Jumeirah College, Francesca joined us to learn about the world of marketing communications.

During a whirlwind week, Francesca spent time in each department shadowing our creative geniuses, technical gurus and virtuoso account managers.

Here’s Francesca’s account of her week with Omnia…

My Experience at Omnia

The first day i was very nervous, as expected. When i arrived i was welcomed and introduced to the whole team. I was then given an introduction in to what Omnia as a company does by the Managing Director – Adam Booth. Omnia is a branding and digital communications agency. They strive to build and strengthen brands.

After my introduction, i was sent to the creative department.

The creative department had just been sent a brief by a company in Abu Dhabi. I was given a brief as to what they wanted which was to brand their mall which includes the name, logo etc. I was asked to research different design ideas to get an understanding of what could be used. The client had very specific ideas of what they wanted in terms of what type and color schemes they wanted.

After having a brief introduction into the creative department i went with the CEO of Omnia – Steve Haysom to a client meeting. The client wanted help from Omnia to re-brand their company. The meeting included the client introducing themselves and the company and then explaining what they wanted from Omnia. The CEO then presented Omnia to the client and explained what they do and what they could possibly help the client with. On my second day i worked with the Sales and Client Services department. I spent most of my day shadowing an Account Manager to get an understanding into what they do.

The Account Manager mostly deals with the quotes, the briefs and costs for the client. I then went on to shadow a Client Services Administrator who takes care of all the costs and schedules, time and deadlines for the projects.

On my third day i went back into the creative department to help with another new project, i was given a brief and then i was asked to research images for inspiration for the start of the project.

On day 4, i was introduced to the digital department and given a brief on what they all do. My brief for that morning was to research background information on a new client; their competition, events and any social media they use.

The purpose of this was to get background information on the client because the project was promoting a new product.

My last day was spent with the receptionist, helping with organizing files and answering calls. I then had to give feedback to the company directors on my full work experience with Omnia.

Overall i feel like i have had a very positive experience with Omnia and i now have a very good perspective of what goes on in a branding agency. The Omnia team are also very friendly and welcoming.

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