ADNOC switch technology platform from Sharepoint to Sitecore for new website

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) – the 12th largest oil and gas producer in the world have recently launched their new website utilizing Sitecore as their technology platform.
This was the 1st Sitecore Habitat implementation in the middle east and the 4th one in the world.

“We were approached by ADNOC who wanted to entirely revamp their website following the latest digital trends, and have advised them to shift their web technology platform to Sitecore. Sitecore has become a global leader in experience management software. Their platforms allow for the management of content, contextual intelligence and automated communications, at scale”.

Kenza Smaili, Omnia’s Sales & Marketing Director

The project was delivered following Omnia’s digital roadmap that included client consultation, project planning, design, user experience, build, testing and delivery

Eight key functions that Sitecore can provide are:


Web Experience

With Sitecore, your website is at the center of a completely connected customer experience. It’s easy to personalize your website based on everything you know about a visitor and deliver always-impactful web experiences that form deeper, long-term customer relationships.


Email Experience

When your email marketing works in tune with other marketing channels and can leverage customer intelligence directly in real time, it’s easy to deliver the right email offers exactly when your most qualified leads want them. With Sitecore, relevance takes on a whole new meaning.


Mobile Web

Engage customers wherever they are by offering a mobile experience that’s optimized to their devices—without tying up your IT staff to do it. With Sitecore, you can manage your brand and serve up a consistent experience on virtually any device.


Social Marketing

Your customers are talking about you and you need to listen and respond. Sitecore Social harnesses the power of word-of-mouth marketing through social channels. A complete suite to do professional social media marketing at scale. Listen. Create. Distribute. Engage. Measure.


Commercial and Retail

Deliver a completely connected, personalized shopping experience that keeps visitors coming back for more. Sitecore helps you unify marketing and e-business across the customer life cycle to drive greater lifetime value.


Dynamic PDF and Print

Print can be a powerful offline marketing channel that’s just as relevant and dynamic as online channels. Sitecore lets you use all your customer experience data to create, publish, target, and deliver personalized print content—in context.



Build mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices that can access and make use of all your rich customer data stored in Sitecore for more personalized, engaging app experiences. Bring app usage data back into Sitecore for complete customer understanding.


Network of Federated Sites

Have websites that are not powered by Sitecore? No problem. You can still serve up tailored, relevant experiences on your non-Sitecore websites and track customer interactions to deliver one, seamless, connected customer experience across channels.

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