How agencies keeping up with the latest technology trends can help you step up your digital game.

In a rapidly evolving marketplace, knowing and taking advantage of emerging trends can help a business become more competitive. The same rings true for Internet advertising. But what exactly are these trends that businesses and their chosen Internet advertising agency should be aware of?

One trend that began emerging last year, and that is predicted by many to continue into the future, is content creation and sharing through social media. The idea behind publishing content is that if the brand delivers good content, it gets the attention of consumers that more traditional platforms cannot provide. Of course, creating and publishing content is just one aspect of the formula. The main challenge for many companies is to drive consumers to that content.

One trend that emerged in the US, and is steadily catching on globally, is the marked increase in the use of (and spending on) online video ads. Digital forecasting company eMarketer has predicted that digital video spending will breach the $12.7 billion mark in 2018 — triple the $4.18 billion spent on digital video advertisements in 2013. What exactly makes digital video ads enticing? For one, the infrastructure for wireless networks has improved vastly. Second, in comparison with static ads, video ads can capture consumer attention better. Related to this, there is a sharp spike in Web traffic originating from smart devices. This, has driven to an increase in mobile ad spending. Emarketer predicts a 50 percent increase in mobile ad spending for 2014.

Following these major trends, major social networking titans Facebook and Twitter, along with YouTube, are now scrambling to make themselves the top choice for advertising, in lieu of television networks. YouTube is trying to entice advertisers by enabling Nielsen to track video viewership. Twitter, on the other hand, has put a premium on promoted tweets, allowing advertisers to tweet to their target audience while their television ads are running. Not to be outdone, Facebook is luring advertisers by offering measurement tools that are touted to be superior to those used for TV ads.

Noticeable as well is the elimination of the boundaries between videos made for TV and those made for online consumption. The trend that is emerging is video as a singular medium delivered across various platforms. To a large extent, this trend is due to the emergence of Smart TVs wherein online content can be viewed. Conversely, new apps have been developed, allowing content made specifically for TV to be viewed online using desktop and laptop computers and even mobile devices

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