Brand identity

Crafting a unique visual identity for your business

What's involved

Brand naming

Is it distinctive? Is it memorable? Is it unique?

Your brand name must shout “Yes!” to all 3 of these questions. And not just here in the Middle East. It has to resonate with customers wherever it goes.

Once we understand your market, we help you craft a brand name which gets your message across quickly and simply. We’ll also work with you to find memorable and available domain names to launch your brand online.

Over the years, we’ve named hospitals, retailers, real-estate developments, professional and financial services, heavy equipment manufacturers and sports teams.

Once all of our research and discovery has been brought together into a comprehensive brand strategy, we begin the process of creating a world-class brand identity.

To do this, our designers immerse themselves in your brand – getting involved in every stage of your project. As a consequence, they know exactly how to get your brand identity across – through your logo, colours, imagery, typography and tone-of voice. All the visible elements of your brand, to help you stand out from the crowd.


Brand identity

It begins with your logo.

Your brand story, values, objectives and personality are brought together. Then, they’re used to inspire the development of a striking brand identity. A distinctive and memorable logo which has a lasting impact on your prospects, customers, employees and stakeholders.

Once your brand identity is finalised, we work with you to apply it across your business. This could include marketing communications, digital communications, uniforms, stationery, brochures, environments – any of your brand’s touch-points.


Brand Guidelines

A strong brand is consistent.

Your advertising, contact centre, literature…everything must do its individual job, and remind the customer of who you are. So you have two challenges.

  1. Get everyone in your organisation to quickly understand the vision, values and personality of your brand.
  2. Make the change permanent.

Once your new brand is developed, we build a comprehensive set of brand guidelines. These introduce the core principles of your brand. Now, stakeholders, employees and, most importantly, third parties understand how to bring your brand to life.

Your brand guidelines can be distributed both electronically and as hard-copies. We’re also the only branding agency in Dubai to have devised a fully interactive online brand guideline and asset management tool – ‘BrandBox’.

This lets you manage and update all your brand assets – in real time – on the cloud.

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