Brand strategy

Defining the story that connects your business to your customer

What's involved

Brand discovery

First of all, a branding agency must know your business inside-out.

That means conducting a thorough study of your market and how your business measures up against the competition. You’ll also need to tell us your objectives and what you feel is getting in your way.

Once the research is over, we produce a brand audit. Your problems are identified and possible solutions revealed. This points to the market opportunities your new brand can exploit for long-term growth.

This stage is key to maximizing your investment when developing a new brand.

Get all stakeholders to consider the brand’s objectives before you spend money on the marketing. Make sure everyone understands what needs to happen inside the company – ready to deliver what you promise to the consumer.

You’re probably searching for a branding agency in Dubai, because you’re concerned your business isn’t competing as effectively as it could. Maybe it feels inefficient and disorganised. Maybe your competitors appear so strong and solid by comparison.

If so, we can help. But without the support of the key people in your organisation, those obstacles are impossible to overcome.

What should your brand accomplish? Which USPs would have the biggest impact on your market? What personality do you want to project? Before we even think about getting creative, you need to consider these vital points.


Brand strategy

It happens in so many markets – customers have a need which you can fulfil. However you and your competition look and sound the same.

Prospects can’t easily tell the difference between your solution and someone else’s.

You already know you have to position yourself as distinctly different from the competition. But how do you achieve that, and appear the most relevant to customers?

This is our aim when developing your brand strategy.

You get a clear outline of your brand’s personality, values and objectives. So your marketing becomes much more than a superficial display. It’s a serious business investment, used to acquire long-term customers.

Your advertising and messaging – everything your customer sees and hears – reinforces your brand in their mind.

Not only that, your team are briefed on your brand strategy, too. So they know how to uphold your company’s personality and values in their day-to-day work. From the front-line staff, right the way up to the key stakeholders.

This means, when a customer buys or enquires, you actually deliver the experience they expect.

Your brand shows itself in its best light, not just in your marketing, but in every aspect of your business.


Brand architecture

Do you have a multi-divisional business, sub-brands or a portfolio of products and services within your company?

A robust Brand Architecture helps you structure and manage them, so you…

  • Help existing customers better understand your business, and get them buying across more of it.
  • Target segments of your market more successfully. Simply by adjusting how each product or sub-brand is branded in relation to your business.
  • Launch new products and services faster. Now, you slot them into an organised brand structure, guaranteed to give you the best possible chance of success.

We will help you to develop a simple, logical plan for organising all of your brands. This helps you get maximum value from every customer who buys. And, perhaps, bring in more business from un-tapped market segments.

Getting your brand architecture right may even be a crucial step in preparing for future growth, selling the business or IPO.

This step is so obvious, it’s easily overlooked. Yet businesses who don’t follow this step can be hampered by illogical decision-making and a messy jumble of brands.

Plan your project with us.