The challenges of the post-digital era for branding agencies in Dubai.

The post-digital age has greatly altered the relationship between businesses and their customers. With the shift in focus toward collaboration, the conventional structure of business relationships has been rendered irrelevant.

In place of this structure is a dynamic which recognizes the rise in prominence of the consumer’s voice, which in turn has led to the shift in focus toward conversations and consumer-created content, particularly in the areas of image and reputation. Noticeable, too, is the transition from a philosophy which sought to control and regiment customers toward a philosophy of engaging and understanding consumers and their behavior.

With the emergence of these trends, what are the unique challenges branding agencies in Dubai and their clients face?

One of the realities modern businesses face today is the idea that traditional models of consumer behavior have changed dramatically. Today’s consumers rely heavily on online reviews and recommendations from their peers. As such, it is not unlikely for a product or service to suffer from a dip in sales or reputation due to a bad review, with word of mouth accelerated as a consequence of social media interactions.

In order to cope with this change, businesses must understand the value of customer engagement. In short, responsiveness is one of the key elements business must strive for. Beyond revenue, attention should be focused on building customer loyalty by taking notice of their views and responding to issues as they arise.

Another major challenge businesses face is the concept of removing the boundaries between their online and offline existence. With the advent of online retailing and mobile apps, consumers have come to expect a consistent approach toward customer engagement which cuts across various aspects of a business. Communication, experiences and environments should essentially reflect the same ideas.

Another pitfall many businesses succumb to is approaching digital media either as a tool for idea-generation or for promotion. In order to build lasting relationships with businesses and enhance consumer experience, organizations should take a holistic approach using a variety of digital activities to create meaningful connections with customers.

The post-digital age also heralds the end of rigid organizational structures. In order to become more competitive, organizations should strive for flexibility and responsiveness, in place of rigid structure and hierarchies, particularly in the areas of business communication and decision-making. Connection and collaboration, on the other hand, provide agility to an organization, allowing it to keep pace with the rapid changes in the market.

While the core goals of sustainability and value remain essential in today’s business landscape, the tools used to achieve these have changed immensely. In order to ensure longevity and long-term success, it is essential for businesses to invest in digital branding.

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