The digital evolution – What you should be talking to your web development agency about.

The business landscape has evolved to a point where today’s enterprises are vastly different from their counterparts from a few decades ago. At the crux of this evolution are technological advances and changing consumer behavior.

The digital age, in particular, has accelerated the pace of development across various industries. While many view today’s era as the pinnacle of the digital age, many signs point to further changes which both aid and challenge businesses.

The modern age of business can be subdivided into three eras, allowing industry players to have a better glimpse of the impact of technology – the pre-digital era, the digital era and the post-digital era.

The pre-digital era is distinguished by several characteristics. First, in terms of organizational structure, this period is marked by centralization, with decisions emanating from the management. This also marked the beginning of the use of personal computers in business, albeit in a support function.

The availability of both affordable hardware and software ushered in the digital age. Businesses started evolving their organizations from being highly centralized, into semi-decentralized entities. While decisions were still management-driven, customer input became a crucial factor. With the introduction of the Internet, mobility and social media, technology now played a strategic role in business operations.

The post-digital age, which many experts say has begun, is a complete departure from the pre-digital era. For one, more and more organizations are becoming highly decentralized, with a keen focus on customer collaboration in terms of the decision-making process. The role of technology has shifted from that of a support function to a business enabler. Customers, too, have become highly informed.

So how do businesses cope with the changes brought about by the post-digital era?

In order to thrive in the post-digital era, local businesses, in partnership with web development companies in Dubai, should focus their attention on four key areas: social media, mobility, analytics and cloud technology.

With more than one billion users, it has become hard to ignore the importance of social media sites. In an age when customers turn to social media sites for consumer information, the challenge for modern businesses is to utilize these sites alongside traditional sales and marketing strategies.

In terms of mobility, the challenge for businesses is ensuring that their content is compatible with the devices used by consumers. That includes optimizing websites for mobility and the use of mobile apps.

Analytics, on the other hand, presents enterprises with a unique tool that allows them to keep pace with the changes in consumer behavior, and in turn, allows them to gain a competitive advantage by predicting what drives a consumer to make a purchase

While security threats continue to loom on the horizon, cloud computing is seen by many experts as a key driver in the business landscape, offering key benefits like agility and cost-efficiency. The infrastructure-as-a-service or IaaS model, which includes storage and print services, is seen by many as a notable trend that will gain traction among businesses.

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