Local expertise, global perspective

CBG was established to provide services and products to both private and government clients. As a business, they offer unmatched value to their customers based on the strength of sound fundamentals in core businesses. Their success to date has been built upon the hard work of their experienced and dedicated workforce, who continue to strive for excellence in everything they do.

They seek growth in the Aerospace; Oil, Gas and Petrochemical; and Rail Industries, by delivering quality products and services to the highest standards.


Brand strategy, brand identity & expression, environmental branding and brand guidelines.


We were tasked with creating a bold and striking new brand that would help drive the aspirations of the business. In addition to this the brand should exude a confident sense of extensive industry knowledge, research, experience and skill. All blended together with an innate and active understanding of the Middle East.


The Arabian Oryx is the national animal of Qatar, which in turn represents the origins of CBG within the region. It also symbolises their local pride and regional experience. We took this iconic animal and created an illustrative interpretation of the oryx, which through many design simplifications was able to retain the core characteristics of the animal whilst also becoming the strong and unique identity we see today.

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Don’t take our word for it

“As part of our re-positioning of the business, we worked with Omnia to create a confident new brand that will allow us to build a multi-divisional enterprise that can compete at an international level. We are very proud of our new brand and the positive reaction we have received so far.”
Dayne Hoskins

Supply Chain Manager

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