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Duqm Refinery & Petrochemical Industries Company LLC is a major new greenfield refinery strategically located near Duqm Port on the south eastern coast of the Sultanate of Oman. It represents one of Oman’s most significant undertakings to date in the energy field and will ensure that the country remains a market leader in petrochemical refinement for decades to come.


Brand strategy, brand identity & expression, brand guidelines, brand engagement, creative communications, digital strategy, website design, front-end development, WordPress development and social media.


Given the economic and national importance of this project, it was particularly important to ensure all stakeholders were involved in a way that would form a unified brand strategy. We achieved this by conducting an initial round of interviews with senior stakeholders to gauge initial opinion. This was followed by a full-day brand workshop, which through interactive and engaging verbal, written and visual tasks provided the basis for the brand strategy.

Once developed the brand strategy formed the basis of the brand identity and expression phase.


It was crucial that the brand had the strength to become an iconic symbol, of both national pride and prosperity. The brand icon was initially constructed from a single tick shape which refers to the geographic shape of Oman. The tick was then replicated three times to convey the idea of ‘Consistent Excellence’ whilst also referring to Duqm Refinery’s internal strategic guiding principle, ‘Engage. Create. Deliver.’

The colours applied to the icon represent Duqm Refinery receiving crude oil via pipelines across both the land and from the Arabian sea. The light grey line represents the land, and the blue line represents the sea. Duqm Refinery is represented by the orange line which sits between the two.

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Transform MENA Brand Awards 2015
Duqm Refinery Branding

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"The Duqm Refinery brand has received universal acclaim from all of the Duqm Refinery team, our partners, stakeholders and all parties with whom we have interacted since its launch."
Nas-Ha Al-Fallahi

General Manager, Corporate Affairs

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