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The Jamal Lamiri Alaoui Studio was established in 1985 and is a leading group of architects, designers and engineers and has, since 2004, been based primarily in Morocco and Abu Dhabi (UAE). They specialise in providing project design for clients ranging from royal families and heads of state to individual private clients and master developers alike.’


Brand strategy, brand identity & expression, brand guidelines, brand engagement, digital strategy, website design, front-end development, WordPress development and copywriting.


JLA had recently celebrated 30 successful years in business and had not refreshed their brand identity for over 10 years. Our challenge was to help them re-invent their brand, so that it would be both modern and innovative in execution and thought provoking enough to help bolster their continued growth and future objectives to become a company that handle not only bespoke residential developments but also larger landmark buildings.


The concept is inspired by the spaces that JLA is transforming into places. Each one of these places has a different and unique story. We take this idea and begin to visualize the endless architectural solutions for all the different dynamic spaces. The flexible grid system simply represents JLA’s dynamic ability to adapt to the requirements of each and every project. We then take this grid system and apply the three JLA letters to form four unique typographic arrangements.

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Don’t take our word for it

"As part of our continued growth in the region we wanted to re-position and re-brand our company to meet our future objectives. After meeting with several brand agencies in the UAE we decided to partner with Omnia. They adopted a team led approach to the task, took their time to understand our business and developed a thought provoking and innovative brand which perfectly encapsulated the heart of what JLA represents."
Dr. Tamer Abdelfattah

Senior Manager

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