Delivering the Promise

Mubadala Petroleum is one of the most significant businesses within the Mubadala portfolio and the only brand to carry the Mubadala name and still have a distinctive brand identity. Omnia were engaged to develop and launch the brand strategy and brand identity. The main brief was to build a brand that would demonstrate both the client’s upstream capabilities and the theme of partnership. It was also important that the brand be bold, modern and stand out in the crowded oil and gas sector.


Brand strategy, brand naming, brand identity & expression, brand guidelines and brand engagement.


It was a great opportunity then for Omnia to build a new oil and gas brand that not only meets international design and strategic standards, but doesn’t seek to mislead or distract from the core offering of the business. Mubadala Petroleum was previously part of Mubadala (an investment co) and known as Mubadala Oil and Gas. Due to the expanded scale and success of the investment it was necessary to build a stand-alone brand and company. Thus our primary goal was to build an exciting new international oil and gas brand that can sit above its peers, both in terms of design innovation and brand strategy.


By combining the idea of a drilling rig, and the letter ‘M’, we crafted a bold, engineered and angular icon, which suggests both oil and gas extraction and the idea of partnership. The angular icon comes together to form three initial triangles which form the basis of a drilling platform. Each representing exploration, development and production. The final bottom triangles are reaching beneath the surface to the oil. The icon was combined with a bold colour palette and modern typography in both English and Arabic.

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